Environment & Security

All ribbons produced by our company are free of substances classified as hazardous to health and are disposed and treated as industrial common dry waste as well as paper, cardboard, and plastic.

Products that not only are environmentally friendly, but also have an eco-friendly technology, and commit themselves towards a responsible direction and a growing awareness of the environment that is integral and essential part of our daily activities. Also, motivate and train our employees to adopt a responsible behavior and compatible with the environment and in carrying out their work activities complying with the law 9th April/2008 n.81 “Unique text about health and security on working places”.

For us, the constant improvement of the environmental standards and working place is a commitment and a challenge.

Environmental care

Research & Development




Innovation and research are the basis of the future development in a company. We have chosen to focus our efforts in research and developing technology and monitoring the global market in order to capture immediately the requirements and the challenges. We produce ribbons in different types of materials, we pay attention to details such as the choice of the cores and during the packaging phase, we use different polypropylene films for adding protection and offer customized, immediate and endearing packaging.

All this in order to meet the requests of increasingly attentive and demanding customers.

We carry out regular testing on our ribbon to verify the resistance, the withstand to scratches, the heat, the definition of small and large character and more.


The certification of our quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standards is at the basis of our company philosophy. The system we have introduced plays an important role with regard to the control and optimization of our operational procedures.

Our system is closely linked to quality and our effort is dedicated to fulfill our customers’ demands. It ‘a duty and a right of every employee to commit himself to achieving a perfect quality in the production and in other fields. The quality policy is an integrated component of our company strategy and concept.

In addition to this, our ribbons, according to their different characteristics and their use in different areas such as agri-food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, technology, textile, health care, applications for external use, and so on are produced in accordance with the REACH, ROHS, UL, ISEGA rules (for more details see the technical data sheets in the product section under ribbon).



Customer oriented service

Putting customer service at the center of our policy means we try to offer our consumers the services they need in real-time and fully satisfy their demands. We want our clients to feel important, listened and fulfilled. We are a team of young, efficient, dynamic, and reliable people whose main goal is customer satisfaction.

In addition to a wide range of ribbons in stock, we are able to produce quickly special ribbons on request and offer personalized packaging.

We want to promote the quality of our products by sending out samples on request so that our customers can directly test our materials.

From time to time, we organize training courses for our customers to keep them updated on the latest news.