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Europe United Ribbons Organization

Euro, Europe United Ribbons Organization, was established in 2002 in Martellago 20 km far from Venice as a consequence of a long experience in this field by some experts of the labeling market industry and their desire to found a company that produced directly and on-site Ribbon TTR.




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The idea and inspiration, which later proved to be successful, was to supply only wholesalers, producing in Italy and paying attention to the quality of a wide range of products, investing in advanced technologies, and using the best high precision and engineered equipment in this field such as the FAES QUADRO 400 machines.

In addition, the rationalization of the resources in the logistic field, the optimization of the management of the in and out flows of the materials, the constant stock availability of materials in different formats, the rapidity in producing also ribbon on request, a wide range of personalized packaging, the collaboration with certified and speedy carriers and an efficient service before and after sales, allows us to satisfy the demands from our customers.

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In a few years we have become the first manufacturer in Italy.

We work 33 different types of materials such as standard wax, wax / resin, resin, black, colored and produce 4,000,000 square meters of ribbon per month.

The awareness and our expertise in this field along with our creativity made us to develop some product lines such as Write (wax enriched, wax/resin, resin). Bee (standard wax, wax enriched and colored), and Barracod (standard and premium wax, resin) that are the most popular among the ribbon TTR range in the Italian and European market.